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I help managers & executives align business & talent strategy to create stakeholder value.

My Process for Partnering with You

I work mostly with middle market managers and executives to achieve strategic goals by optimizing leadership talent, team talent, and employee productivity.  When your company’s talent is optimized, you are more likely to create real value for stakeholders, even as your company grows.

We’ll partner to create a plan to meet your needs using  any or all of these delivery methods: individual coaching, team coaching, and/or group leadership training.


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Explore Possibilities – Is Working Together Right for Both of Us?

Usually, my involvement begins with an initial meeting with the sponsoring executive or other senior leader, a Human Resources representative, and/or a team leader. Together, we’ll discuss what’s happening that’s of concern for you, any relevant teams, and the wider system. General themes that often come up include strained relationships, low morale or engagement, high turnover, stagnant growth, negative customer experiences, etc. From this meeting we should be able to decide whether we want to work together.

Inquire, Discovery, Design – What Are the Real Issues & What Will it Take to Address Them?

When we decide to work together, we’ll contract to conduct more in-depth inquiry & discovery of the situation, and together design the leadership and/or team development process and plan for those immediately involved.  This phase may include gathering information & data from project sponsors, team members, colleagues, and key stakeholders to more fully understand what’s happening, what’s needed, and what the leader and/or a whole team want to commit to.

Whether the engagement is for 1-1 leadership coaching or coaching a whole team, I’ll work with an individual leader or a whole team to  design a development plan for moving forward.


Embark on the 1-1 Leadership or Team Development Journey

With a better idea of what the developmental process will look like, we will contract a second time to continue working together to implement the co-designed interventions, which may include individual coaching, team coaching and/or group training.


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