Firebrand Consulting LLC Coaching Framework
“Working with [Beth] has been life-changing! . . . . I learned to work smarter . . . . [Now, I] leave the office each day with a sense of accomplishment.

— John E., coaching client


misunderstood; confrontationCultivate Leadership Presence & Composure

Become more aware of how your own reactions might be holding you back from creating the culture or environment that is conducive to bringing out everyone’s best.

Reflecting on your experience and practicing new techniques, together we might address any or all of the following:

  • Uncover your core values, talents, vulnerabilities, and triggers;
  • Transform limiting beliefs into a mindset that supports and serves you;
  • Find the hidden strength in your vulnerabilities;
  • Create experiments and an action plan based on trusted feedback to test new approaches and change behaviors that aren’t working;
  • Define your unique leadership brand and cultivate an effective leadership presence.


goal, executionAlign Your Focus & Priorities

Stop allowing circumstances and other people to pull you in a thousand different directions. Stop feeling like you don’t have time for your most important priorities. Based on your needs, we might explore:

  • How to create common understanding of and accountabilities for key strategic priorities
  • Decision-making tools to determine and reconcile where to put your energy and attention based company goals and values as well as your personal goals and values; and
  • Techniques and systems to increase your focus and personal productivity by honoring your boundaries, availability, and commitments.


collaborateInfluence Others More Effectively

Learn the power of using  more influence rather than mostly your authority. Gain insight for how to successfully use your influence for positive change with your team and across functions. To do that, you must identify the gaps between what you intend and your actual behavior and communication that are keeping you from being as successful and effective as you want to be.

If this is an area for improvement for you, we’ll dive into:

  • How your natural tendencies help and hinder you as an executive;
  • How to foster a team environment of candor, caring, and accountability; and
  • Using powerful everyday communication to engage your team.



“Beth is an excellent coach, analyst and consultant. We have used her services on several occasions to investigate difficult issues and provide solutions which have positively impacted workplace culture and practice. I highly recommend Beth for executive and human resource consultation and coaching.”

— Clifton Sanders, PhD., Provost of Academic Affairs, Salt Lake Community College

Based on your unique needs, you’ll get:coaching, tools, beth strathman
  • The space to explore your specific situation
  • Practical action plans for implementing your insights
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for new techniques
  • Experienced analysis of employee dynamics with an action plan for moving forward
  • Practice role-playing situations to hone skills before you apply them
  • A sounding board and accountability partner in me

. . . and so much more.

You will personally experience:
  • More credible leadership presence
  • Increased confidence to lead a growing company
  • Better working relationships company-wide
  • Maximized¬† talents, efforts, and results for yourself and your team
  • Better and faster results due to alignment between goals, communication, and daily work
  • Increased team productivity and retention because of higher employee motivation and commitment


Beth Strathman, leadership coachYou don’t need to do it alone. Find out what it would be like to work together. Schedule a free Discovery/Strategy Session with me to talk about your situation