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The future success of your company’s
strategy management and talent management
hinges on the capability of your teams
to learn & adapt faster than ever before.


Does Your Team Need To: team, executive team
  • Work together more effectively?
  • Align its priorities better?
  • Coordinate and collaborate better with each other inside and outside of team meetings?
  • Address the gap between current and future needs of stakeholders?
  • Engage in more fruitful conflict with each other or have more vital conversations?
  • Learn more effectively together?
  • Create new ways of working together?


You can’t afford to rely on only a few members of your team to lead you to success.
Today’s interconnected, complex world requires you to optimize the capabilities of all team members to remain relevant and viable.
How come?
  • Your team’s stakeholders drive the agenda — engaging them is critical
  • Your team doesn’t work in isolation — it is part of a complex system of internal and external players
  • Most teams are not good at conflict.  Mishandling conflict destroys your ability to work together
  • Companies today have less hierarchy and more complex relationships
  • Work today requires complex and interdependent tasks that have far-reaching impact
  • Connections are key to getting more done but are more difficult as more people work remotely and/or internationally

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Are you and your team ready to . . . 

* let go of what’s no longer working?
* be reenergized and reinvigorated?
* harness your team’s collective wisdom and capabilities?
* reimagine how to create more value for your stakeholders, now and into the future?



When you partner with me, your team will be better able to:
  • Hold better team meetings that are energizing and that allot adequate time to address important issues.
  • Handle conflict within the team that resolves issues and leads to better relationships.
  • Move beyond “hub and spoke” reporting as team members rely more on each other for advice and feedback.
  • Create more value for team stakeholders by actively partnering with them.
  • Increase team member participation on your team.
  • Build better team relationships and performance on virtual, international and multicultural teams.
  • Increased team capacity to adapt and innovate faster.
  • Increase alignment of strategic priorities throughout the organization.
  • Increase employee engagement as team members pursue a meaningful shared purpose.
  • Decrease stress and increase peace of mind as your team steps up.
  • Increase individual and team performance and productivity.


employee engagement, partnering, team Partnering Together
  • As we design team development that serves the needs of you, your team and its stakeholders, here are features of my coaching:
  • Ability to partner with the team leader individually, with the team as a whole, or some variation of both.
  • Our time together can be in-person or virtual, depending on circumstances.
  • We can work together from 3 to 12+ months, depending on what you want to accomplish and any deadlines you are under.
  • Coaching sessions may be with the team leader alone or with the whole team.
  • Additionally, I may meet with the team for skill development workshops or facilitated team discussions. We will decide together how much time is needed to for these sessions based on the team’s objectives. Plus, your team will have time to practice what they’re learning between our times together.


Common Questions

Does my team have time for this? In the long run, spending time on team coaching will more than offset the time you spend on disagreements, rework, and on work that doesn’t create the value your stakeholders want and need.

I have so many things going now. Is this the right time? In my experience, there will always be another fire to put out or other special projects you’re asked to take on. It might be a lot to think about when deciding whether or not to pursue team coaching.  Yet, the supportive team development we create together will allow you and your team to focus on what really counts. So in the end, you’ll feel less overworked and more energized because your team will solve more of their own problems and move things forward more effectively.

Do I really want to spend money on this? The coaching you and your team need is not cheap. However, the investment will pay off in increased value for stakeholders, profitability for the  bottom line, and better relationships inside and outside the team.  Plus, we can accomplish a lot with team coaching for less money than it takes to work with a team leader and other team members individually.



EMCC Global ITCA Practitioner Team Coach


Find out more about what it would be like 
to partner together to take your team to the next level.

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Even if all the members of your team are talented individuals,
it doesn’t mean they know how to work together well as a cohesive team.


The research shows that high-performing individuals 
do not necessarily make high-performing teams. (Wageman)


In fact, most teams report they are UNDERPERFORMING
less than 10% of teams rate themselves as high-performing. (Team Coaching International survey)


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