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Conquer yourself for greater impact.

I am fascinated with how people develop throughout their lives. I have always had a passion for cultivating talent in others and watching them become their best. This is borne out by my career path (so far): Teaching, Human Resources, and now Coaching.


. . . in the first half of life, we conquer the world;

in the second half of life, we conquer ourselves.


There is a saying that in the first half of life, we conquer the world; in the second half of life, we conquer ourselves.  This has certainly been true for me, and it seems to be the case with my clients.

Especially if you lead others successfully,  your professional development and success in life depends on overcoming parts of yourself that no longer benefit you.

In the early part of my career, I focused on my ability to perform my work tasks successfully. Then, mid-career I realized my drive and directness could be a liability regardless of how well I performed work tasks.  There were situations, where in spite of the fact that I was smart, fun to work with, professional, hard-working, and competent at my job, I didn’t always respond very skillfully in situations. I realized I had to own my part in any negative experiences I had.

misunderstood; confrontation

While I may not have always reported to solid or well-adjusted leaders, I learned to adapt my approaches and responses to whatever circumstances I found myself in.  In short, I shifted from CONQUERING THE WORLD with my knowledge and skills related to work tasks, to CONQUERING MYSELF in order to respond better and to create conditions that more readily engaged others to accomplish work goals.

Upon reflection of my own experiences and over time, I have learned a lot and want to share what I’ve learned with others, who are proficient and competent but who realize they must let go of old ways of being and use their strengths  – but not to the point those strengths become a liability.

Now, I work with executives and senior managers who want to work better with their teams and scale their abilities to grow along with their companies.
narrative coach certificationICF, ACC, Credentialed Coach

EMCC Global ITCA Practitioner Team Coach

My Mission is to:

Work with executives and senior leaders one-on-one and through team coaching to create thriving environments where individuals and teams co-create solutions with stakeholders for maximum benefit. I prepare leadership teams and other key stakeholders to:

  • Maximize leadership capabilities — keeping purpose and stakeholders at the heart of what and your teams do;
  • Intervene skillfully to create team environments that optimize employee engagement and innovation; and
    Engage employees and other stakeholders in meaningful ways to address current strategic business goals and challenges.
My Values

I say what I mean; mean what I say; and do what I say I will do. I own up to mistakes and correct them.


I do things that scare me as part of my on-going development.


I’m a huge Bugs Bunny fan. I will use humor to connect with and to challenge you. I am serious about serving you well, but I don’t take myself too seriously. When we work together, I might poke fun at a situation to break down barriers and allow you to see a new”truth”  about the situation.


“My time spent with Beth was well structured, purposeful, and very enjoyable!. . . . Through the work I did with Beth, I saw positive changes that directly impacted my team and my professional relationships.

Specifically, my management team now takes responsibility for and actively finds solutions for issues more readily and with greater purpose, instead of relying on me to figure things out. I was also able to create an action plan that will carry my team through the next few years. . . .

I am grateful for the time that I spent working with and learning from Beth and would highly recommend her services to those looking to elevate their leadership skills.”

— Toni Takeno, Chief Programs Officer
Ronald McDonald House of the Intermountain Area, Inc.

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Why Should You Work With Me?

I’m a Fellow Traveler on The Path of Self-Awareness and Self-Development

I’ve been there and continue to become more of myself.  I know the frustrations of figuring out how to lead others most effectively!  I’ve made mistakes using my personal and positional power. But I learned a lot about myself and continue to clear away my not-so-useful thoughts and behavior patterns. I know the courage it takes to admit to your foibles and to try new things that are unfamiliar or even scary.

I Bring an Open Mind and a Fresh Pair of Eyes to Your Experience

I offer a new perspective to your dilemma and experiences, allowing you to widen the lens through which you see yourself. I use all forms of knowing to apply to situations: logic and analysis, intuition, gut feelings, and whatever wisdom I’ve gathered so far. Together, we will examine the right questions, so you gain new perspectives and find your own answers.

I’m a Straight-Shooter

I will be honest with you – whether I think you’re dodging something or being too hard on yourself. I like to think of myself as being “compassionately candid”.

I Have a Great Sense of Humor

If together you and I don’t laugh at the absurdities of some of the situations you face, we’re not doing it right. I take things seriously but that doesn’t keep me from pointing out the humor in a situation.

You’ll Get Adaptable, Proprietary Tools to Support You

I’m a practical person. Theory is great, but if it doesn’t work in practice, what good is it? Not only will I listen and guide, I also have tools you can use. Your reflection with my coaching process and tools will get you from theory to practice, so things make sense and can be applied in your daily work.

I Have Relevant Training & Experience

I have over 2 decades working as a Human Resources leader inside organizations — large and small —  and now as a leadership coach. I’ve worked with all levels of leaders on most of the dynamics you’ll face at work. Plus, I’m a trained and certified coach – I don’t just call myself one. I’m also a certified Psychological Safety practitioner.

Beth StrathmanNot sure what to do first?

Let’s talk.

I value having integrity. I will be up front with you about whether or not I’m the right coach for you. (And I expect you to be up front with me, too.) I know many other coaches and occasionally refer prospective clients to other coaches who can better meet their needs.

I’ve worked in a variety of organizations with a variety of individuals at all levels of leadership. I will work with you to find the right combination of strategies and techniques that will serve you the best.

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