Coach Beth Strathman

I’ve been an upstart my whole life .

Beth Strathman
Once a Firebrand, Always a Firebrand

I am a Leadership Coach who can guide you to move from frustrated to purposeful & confident.

I have a passion for cultivating talent in others. Look at my career path (so far): Teacher, Human Resources, and now Coach. People and their stories fascinate me. Regardless of the context — classroom or workplace — I have seen the same group dynamics at play. I’ve simply shifted my focus from students to employees to corporate leaders.

Now, I work primarily with women in and aspiring to leadership positions who receive mixed messages about who they should be in the workplace. If you feel or have been told that you must be . . .

  • ASSERTIVE”enough” to be heard and to get things done, but not overly so.
  • DIRECT enough that you don’t sound non-committal or “weak”, but not too blunt.
  • TASK-FOCUSED, but not so much that you don’t appear “friendly” or “warm”.

— well, you know the drill…. — we should talk.

Your male colleagues rarely face these same dilemmas.

When I was teaching elementary school, I worked with a building of mostly women — strong, amazing women who got along and got things done. It wasn’t until after law school, when I entered the corporate world in Salt Lake City, Utah (that’s another story) that I realized my drive and directness was now a liability. I worked for organizations with the challenge of bolstering their anemic HR functions. I was usually one of very few women in management and worked for men who tended to have a “traditional” view of what women were supposed to be and do — submissive to authority, paperwork pushers and party planners, don’t speak up, and don’t have an opinion.

While the men could call each other out on their stuff, I couldn’t. In some cases, as the head of HR, I was not included in decisions related to talent and workforce strategy. With one company, I was the only woman in management and was not allowed to ride in the same car to other sites alone with another man for fear of  . . .  well, who knows what.

So, in spite of the fact that I was smart, fun to work with, professional, hard-working, and did my job really well, I wasn’t on the “inside”. And I didn’t respond very skillfully in these situations. I simply chalked up my experience to working with inept leaders.

Well, that might have been part of it, but I had to learn how to adapt to whatever circumstances I found myself in and figure out how to use whatever influence I had to get things done.

Upon reflection and over time, I decided I could be more helpful working with women like me, who were competent but who hadn’t cracked the code of balancing their focus on the work with focus on people and relationships.

Now, my Mission is to:

Work with women in leadership through one-on-one and small group coaching, mastermind groups, and group training to create greater personal fulfillment and demonstrated career success so they:
  • Explore and embrace their unique identities, gifts, and challenges
  • Align and reconcile their personal mission, values & goals with those of their organization
  • Focus their daily work to fulfill personal and organizational priorities for maximum results with less effort, and
  • Maximize the impact with their teams.

My Values


I say what I mean; mean what I say; and do what I say I will do. I own up to mistakes and correct them.


I do things that scare me as part of my on-going development.


I’m a huge Bugs Bunny fan. I will use humor to connect with and to challenge you. I am serious about serving you well, but I don’t take myself too seriously. When we work together, I might poke fun at a situation to break down barriers and allow you to see a new”truth”  at the center of the situation.


“My time spent with Beth was well structured, purposeful, and very enjoyable!. . . . Through the work I did with Beth, I saw positive changes that directly impacted my team and my professional relationships.
Specifically, my management team now takes responsibility for and actively finds solutions for issues more readily and with greater purpose, instead of relying on me to figure things out. I was also able to create an action plan that will carry my team through the next few years. . . .
I am grateful for the time that I spent working with and learning from Beth and would highly recommend her services to those looking to elevate their leadership skills.”

— Toni Takeno, Chief Programs Officer
Ronald McDonald House of the Intermountain Area, Inc.

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You don’t need to do it alone.

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