team meeting conversation

When there is a difficult issue to address with someone, do you . . .

  • talk to the person at the wrong time (like when you’re really angry)?
  • avoid the conversation as long as possible — and maybe forever — because you’re worried the person will be upset that you brought it up?
  • allow the conversation to go off track and become confusing and unfocused?
Whether you tend to be a “hard-nose” or a “marshmallow” — address issues in a way that is respectful and forthright.
Stop dragging your feet or losing your cool —  do it timely enough that any issues or misunderstandings are rectified before things get worse and potentially undermine team morale, productivity, and your expectations.


Use my CONVERSATION PLANNER to take the guesswork out of how to confront tough issues. You’ll be able to address awkward and frustrating issues confidently, timely, and with an approach that builds or maintains the relationship with the other person.
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