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“Creating Psychological Safety with Your Team”

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Mountain)
Thursday, June 13, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (Mountain)

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  • Is turnover or absenteeism on your team higher than you’d like?
  • Is your team a group of talented individuals that routinely falls short of its performance potential?
  • Does your team have too many silent meetings with “parking lot” or “back channel” conversations about meeting topics afterwards?
  • Are team members more competitive than collaborative with each other because they work in self-imposed silos?

Your team would benefit from greater psychological safety.

Discover the secrets to fostering greater collaboration, learning, and performance when every voice matters.

This virtual 2-part workshop will empower you with the information, insight, and practical activities to create greater psychological safety with your team. The knowledge and tools you takeaway will enable you to build a team where members feel accepted & included and safe to make and learn from mistakes. They’ll be eager to contribute all of their expertise and challenge what’s not working to take team performance to the next level.

You’ll be able to enhance and even transform your team’s dynamics after you experience first-hand how to foster an environment where team members feel secure enough to…

  • to respect each other as team members,
  • express their best and worst ideas without hesitation,
  • take risks and learn together, and
  • collaborate without fear of judgment.

Gain a competitive edge by investing in the emotional well-being of your team with psychological safety.

Psychological safety isn’t just a concept—it’s the gateway to maximizing diversity of thought and experience, innovation, productivity, and employee engagement. In this virtual workshop, you will experience practical activities designed to create psychological safety that builds a resilient and high-performing team or work group.

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Why Attend This Psychological Safety Workshop?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of psychological safety and its impact on your team’s dynamics.
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques to foster a culture of trust and openness within your team as the foundation for becoming a high-performing team.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and exchange best practices.
  • Elevate your leadership skills to drive tangible results within your organization.

Who Should Attend this Psychological Safety 2-PartWorkshop?

This online workshop is ideal for team leaders, middle managers, HR professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing team dynamics and organizational culture.

This isn’t just a series of lectures

This 2-part workshop is a live, online, interactive learning experience where you’ll participate in small group reflections, discussions and experiential activities with large group presentations — all designed for you to practice and apply psychological safety principles in a learning environment with like-minded team leaders and supervisors. Then, take what you learn back to your team to help them  create the kind of team that works together better and meets the team’s unique challenges collectively.

I’ll teach basic information on psychological safety as a foundation.  And I’ll facilitate powerful peer interaction and learning, giving you a chance try out and debrief practices and tools, designed to improve your team’s ability to have meaningful, productive interactions before you take them back to  your team.


Workshop Content

teams, adaptive leadershipPart 1: Psychological Safety Overview & Structuring Inclusion, Contributor, and Challenger Safety

Set your own intentions for this workshop and experience simple yet effective techniques to use in meetings to make team members feel they belong on your team. After an overview of the basics of psychological safety, participants will go into in small breakout groups to experience activities to use with teams to encourage empathy and acceptance, maximizing individual contributions to the team, and speaking up  productively about concerns and worries.


Part 2: Understanding Team Communication Dynamics for Greater Psychological Safety

Because psychological safety depends on speaking up, team, dialogue, fields of conversationit’s beneficial to understand how people participate in conversations. You will learn about four typical conversation styles and stages of dialogue that influence the quality of your team’s conversations. Then, you’ll breakout into small groups for a role play to  appreciate the different  styles with less judgment and with an aim to become agile in using the styles that are needed to move the conversation forward.

What You’ll Takeaway from this Psychological Safety Workshop

This 2-part workshop is designed to provide tangible takeaways that yield real, measurable results. With minimal investment, you’ll walk away with knowledge and practical team activities you can easily incorporate into your team’s daily work (whether in-person or remote) to immediately enhance the psychological safety on your team.

Features and Benefits of this Psychological Safety Workshop

When you attend this 2-part workshop, you’ll equip yourself with practices to…
  • structure team meetings and conversations that make all team members feel included and a part of the team.
  • encourage team members to candidly share concerns and worries about the work, so they collaborate with each other to improve the work of the team.
  • spot what’s needed in a team conversation to move the discussion forward with increased team input and collaboration, inside and
  • outside of team meetings. encourage all team members to willingly contribute their skills and experience to benefit the team’s stakeholders.
  • create an atmosphere that encourages team members asking for help without embarrassment and readily offering help to each other without hesitation.

Logistics for This Psychological Safety Workshop

  • Two Zoom workshops, lasting 3 hours each
  • Practical activities for creating psychological safety that encourage inclusion, learning, meaningful contributions, and respectfully challenging the status quo — whether your team is in-person or remote
  • Small breakouts to participate in experiential activities, discussions, sharing, and reflection
  • Large group instruction and sharing
  • Course handout, with instructions for all activities you can use with your team or work group

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Join me as I share practical strategies and actionable insights based on my expertise as a psychological safety practitioner and team coach.

I have a passion for cultivating the best in others. I’m a keen observer of people, known as a practical straight-shooter with a great sense of humor. with careers in education, human resources, and coaching, I’ve been a student of human behavior and performance  for over three decades.

Beth Strathman, leadership coach team coach
Beth Strathman

Now as a coach of leaders and teams for over 12 years, I work with those who want to have more positive impact within their organizations. Leadership clients achieve greater presence and composure, better focus, and more effective influence with their direct reports, colleagues, and other stakeholders. The teams I work with want to work more effectively together, so they can provide greater value to their stakeholders.

I am a certified as a coach through the International Coach Federation, and hold team coaching credentials through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Additionally, I’m a certified practitioner in psychological safety. In 2015, Educational Leadership published my article, “Making Team Differences Work”.


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