executive coaching


Do you feel like you’re going it alone much of the time with no one to turn to who can provide support? Do you feel frustrated because you seem to be the only one in your company doing the “heavy lifting”?

Wouldn’t it be a relief just to feel like the decisions you make are solid and well-informed and that you know — without a doubt — that your employees as invested in your company as you are?

In my experience, it can be really lonely at the top. And dealing with the people aspects of your business is confusing, fraught with complex issues and emotions, often counter-intuitive, and just doesn’t come second nature to most. (Spreadsheets don’t talk back or have drama in their lives!)

That’s why having a trusted and objective guide, adviser, and all-round supporter in your corner is so beneficial. And that’s what a coach is.

Having a leader/executive coach, like me, is the “edge” you will have over your competition.

That’s why most pro sports figures have their own coaches. And you should, too.


Beth’s coaching has increased my awareness of my own personality and leadership style and how it plays with the styles of those I lead. She has helped me through the strategic process of taking the goals and vision I have for my [area of responsibility], making them operational and systematic in the day-to-day organization of my [team]. She has provided me with a wealth of resources to support the work I am doing now and for my future development as a leader. I attribute my success in my first year as a [leader] to my sessions with Beth.”

–Shelley H.


As your personal, executive coach, you get my undivided attention along with my expertise, practical workplace experience with people dynamics, wisdom, and proprietary methodologies. I will stand right there along side you as you explore solutions using time-tested frameworks that will strengthen your ability to get at the untapped people power in your company. When you implement your new tactics and techniques to get your employees locked in to your vision and goals, you will see your company transform.

Based on the things you’re experiencing in your company, you and I will create a plan for what we will explore throughout your coaching engagement, which will probably be a year long. Often, having you undergo an assessment or 360 degree feedback process is part of the plan. As we get into and examine the people dynamics more in-depth, we will create action plans for you to implement tactics and techniques, and I’ll hold you to your commitments.

As our engagement draws to a close, we will discuss next steps to make sure you have the support you want and need to keep your company moving forward.

Let’s talk more about your aspirations for yourself, your team, department and company.

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