Team camaraderie, group training

Companies who fail to train their leaders at all levels are leaving money on the table everyday!


Managers who are ill-prepared to work effectively with individuals and groups of people often create dynamics and  misunderstandings that, in turn, lead to:

lower morale
lower productivity
lower psychological safety & engagement, and
higher turnover


I’ll work with you to create a tailored group management and leadership curriculum with relevant content for your emerging, new, or even seasoned leaders with real-life, hands-on experiences that give training participants a chance to practice what they learn in actual workplace situations.


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Beth’s deep knowledge of management and leadership competencies, her extensive experience in HR, unmistakable professionalism, and lively, engaging teaching style—all combined to create a wonderful learning experience for our group. Her teaching style is both kind and very straightforward, an accomplishment in itself.

Beth could be very supportive of managers and at the same time perfectly comfortable with calling out behaviors and attitudes that could compromise their effectiveness.

The decision we made to invest in our managers’ professional development this way was an excellent one – and I highly recommend Beth’s services to any organization that wants to strengthen management, grow leadership, and create a place that engages employees to do their best work.

-Anne Burkholder, CEO, YWCA Utah