Team camaraderie

“Beth’s deep knowledge of management and leadership competencies, her extensive experience in HR, unmistakable professionalism, and lively, engaging teaching style—all combined to create a wonderful learning experience for our group.
Her teaching style is both kind and very straightforward, an accomplishment in itself. . . .[Management] staff clearly enjoyed the intelligence, perspective, and humor she brought to her work with us.
. . . I highly recommend Beth’s services to any organization that wants to strengthen management, grow leadership, and create a place that engages employees to do their best work.”

Anne Burkholder, CEO, YWCA Utah

Do you have a group of “high potentials” you want to groom? Tired of hearing good employees complain about certain managers over and over again? Want to avoid bothersome administrative processes and costly attorney’s fees because a manager wasn’t skilled at handling a difficult employee? Want to simply fill in the learning and experience gaps of your existing leadership team?

Your company, like most, is probably not spending enough time training your managers on working with and leading other people. And that means your senior managers didn’t get the training way back when they started supervising, chances are they are still missing key knowledge and techniques that can make the people management side of their jobs more productive and enjoyable.

Wouldn’t it be great to know you have a highly competent management team that has training and practice managing a variety of “soft”, “squishy” people situations and to know that when you promote someone to supervision they are not only technically savvy about your company’s operations, but are also prepared for the unpredictable people side of things?

In my experience as a teacher, HR Director, and coach, I know that most managers and leaders have skill gaps that, if filled, will make them much more effective with their people. And if managers are more effective with their people, that translates into better hires, lower turnover, higher morale, and ultimately greater productivity for your company and less headaches for you.

Based on your company’s needs and my decades of HR experience, I will work with you to create a tailored group management and leadership curriculum with relevant content for your emerging, new, or even seasoned leaders, with the frequency, session lengths, and program duration that makes sense for your company. I will also work with you to design real-life, hands-on experiences that give training participants a chance to practice what they learn in real workplace situations.