360 Degree Feedback

Find Out What Your Team is Really Saying About You360 Degree Feedback

Received feedback, comments, or noticed other signs that make you think you might be contributing to negativity in your company? Know you need to change some behaviors but aren’t sure exactly what or how?

Don’t leave any doubts. Find out what a hand-selected group of co-workers think you could do differently to be an even better leader in your company.

In my experience, it is common for there to be a disconnect between your intentions and aspirations for yourself and your actual impact on others.  You intend to come across one way, and you actually impact others in a way they see as more negative than you planned or realize. This gap causes you to be unaware of how you might be contributing to problems in your company. In fact, being blind to how you are seen by others can be at the root of many business issues, like high turnover and low productivity and morale.

That’s why getting honest and trustworthy feedback from a variety of people you work with can be a first step towards closing the gap between your aspirations and intentions and your leadership impact.


My 360 Degree Feedback process is designed to:
  • Allow you to hand-pick whose feedback you want to listen to (employees, peers, your boss, board members, important customers, etc.)
  • Give you a wider perspective about your leadership
  • Provide a confidential and non-threatening way for those providing feedback to say what’s on their minds
  • Quickly and systematically collect opinions about how you come across as a leader from a variety of co-workers
  • Debrief the feedback with you, focusing on only one or two of the most important theme(s) to pay attention to
  • Provide you my objective “take” on the changes you need to make to take your company to the next level
  • Create a simple action plan with suggestions for making the changes you decide to make
  • Give you structured, on-going input on how you’re doing after you start making changes
  • Get the valuable, targeted feedback you need to lead your company to the next level from the people you trust the most, facilitated by an objective outsider who’s not a party to internal dynamics.
What you get:
  • Virtual/voice interviews with up to 7 stakeholders (supervisor, peers, direct reports)
  • Identification of emerging themes
  • Summary of feedback, including perceived strengths, themes for consideration, and specific suggestions for improvement (with stakeholder anonymity)
  • 1-hour video/voice session with client to debrief and set aspirations/goals and action plan
  • 3 bi-monthly follow-up stakeholder surveys over 6 months, targeting feedback on client’s relevant progress
    4 follow-up virtual/voice coaching sessions with client over 9 months to reflect on and support progress
    Coach availability via text or email for incidental questions

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Behavioral Profile and Debrief

Having a difficult time getting through to certain members of your team? Maybe you think very differently or approach situations in very different ways. Wouldn’t it be great if you could almost get inside their heads or at least know better what to say to them, so they “get” it — or at least be able to predict how they might approach a project or other situation?

A good place to start is to understand and be able to describe your own behavioral style.

If you haven’t already taken the MBTI or a DiSC assessment, a behavioral profile is an affordable and easy tool to use. Once you can quantify, describe, and analyze your behavior and thought processes, it gets easier to explain to others where you’re coming from and to interpret and understand the behavior of others.

You will get:collaborate
  • DISC for leaders (online)
    20+-page report in .pdf format
    1-hour, virtual/voice session with me to debrief and plan

During the “debriefing” session, you and I will formulate a plan for how you can capitalize on what’s working for you and how to adjust to be more effective with members of your team.

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