women in leadership

My passion is working with women who aspire to or are already in leadership in medium-sized companies who want to have positive impact within their organizations.

I’m able to see into your stories, get to the crux of the matter, and guide you through tools, exercises and experiments to give you what you need to navigate any challenging corporate culture without selling your soul. In short, you can be authentic and fit in.

Not sure what to do first?

We should talk. I value having integrity. I will be up front with you about whether or not I’m the right coach for you. (And I expect you to be up front with me, too.) I know many other coaches and occasionally refer prospective clients to other coaches who can better meet their needs.

I’ve worked in a variety of organizations with a variety of women at all levels of leadership. I can work with you to find the right combination of strategies and techniques that will serve you better. And I have many proprietary tools to support you along the way.


Why Should You Work With Me?

I’m a Fellow Traveler on This Trek of Self-Awareness and Development

Beth Strathman, coach

I’ve been there and continue to become more of myself.  I know the isolation and frustrations of being one of few women — and an assertive one at that!  And I didn’t always handle it well, either. I’ve also made mistakes using my personal and positional power. But I learned a lot about myself and continue to clear away my not-so-useful thoughts and behavior patterns. I know the courage it takes to admit to your foibles and to try new things that are unfamiliar or even scary.

I Bring an Open Mind and a Fresh Pair of Eyes to Your Experience

I bring a new perspective to your dilemma and experiences, allowing you to widen the lens through which you see yourself. I use all forms of knowing to apply to situations: logic and analysis, intuition, gut feelings, and timeless wisdom through mythology and story. Together, we will examine the right questions, so you gain new perspectives and find your own answers.

I’m a Straight-Shooter

I will be honest with you – whether I think you’re dodging something or being too hard on yourself. I guess I like to think of myself as being “compassionately candid”.

I Have a Great Sense of Humor

If together, you and I don’t laugh at the absurdities of some of the situations you face, we’re not doing it right. I take things seriously but that doesn’t keep me from pointing out the humor in a situation.

You’ll Get Adaptable, Proprietary Tools to Support You

I’m a practical kind o’ gal. Theory is great, but if it doesn’t work in practice, what good is it? Not only will I listen and guide, I also have tools you can use. My processes and tools will get you from theory to practice, so things make sense and can be used in your daily work.

I Have Relevant Training & Experience

I have over 2 decades working as a Human Resources leader inside organizations, large and small and as a leadership coach. I’ve worked with all levels of leaders on most of the dynamics you face at work. Plus, I’m a trained and certified coach – I don’t just call myself one.

My Coaching Framework

Common areas of focus include:

  1. BECOMING MORE OF YOURSELF by exploring your unique genius — your talents, skills, behaviors, and beliefs —  to create a stronger leadership presence;
  2. FOCUSING YOUR PRIORITIES by building your company’s current strategy into the your daily work and that of your team; and
  3. CREATING MORE IMPACT WITH YOUR TEAM by enhancing your ability to exert profound influence on employees and colleagues without relying on the authority of your position alone.
These are the ways we can work together:

Beth’s deep knowledge of management and leadership competencies, her extensive experience in HR, unmistakable professionalism, and lively, engaging teaching style—all combined to create a wonderful learning experience for our group. Her teaching style is both kind and very straightforward, an accomplishment in itself.

Beth could be very supportive of managers and at the same time perfectly comfortable with calling out behaviors and attitudes that could compromise their effectiveness.

The decision we made to invest in our managers’ professional development this way was an excellent one – and I highly recommend Beth’s services to any organization that wants to strengthen management, grow leadership, and create a place that engages employees to do their best work. —-Anne Burkholder, CEO, YWCA Utah

Our Process for Working TogetherBeth Strathman

When you work with me, we will discuss what you are noticing in yourself and/or your work experience — stress, strained relationships, low morale, high turnover, stagnant growth. Then, we will look at what you want to accomplish. After that, we will explore the gap between what you want and what you’ve got. Listening to your experience, I will suggest different areas to explore, and we will determine how we will tell that our work together is successful.

Based on the specific plan we design together, you get:

  • An outside, objective guide, coach, and mentor to take the worry off your shoulders regarding possible ways to approach the issues we identified
  • An accountability partner to hold you to your commitments
  • Relevant assessments to provide insight into your leadership style
  • Focused and productive time to unravel and address the dynamics you’re concerned about
  • Practical action plans for implementing your insights
  • New ideas and techniques to experiment with
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for new techniques to try out
  • Confidential role-playing to practice skills and techniques before you apply them
  • Time to reflect on what works and what doesn’t
  • Lots of laughs to lighten the mood when necessary (and isn’t it usually necessary?)
After we start working together, you will notice:
  • Less frustration and greater peace of mind because things are in hand
  • A more confident leadership presence
  • Progress toward the goals and objectives you’ve identified as important
  • Better working relationships and less strife
  • Maximized employee talents, efforts, and results
  • Better and faster results due to alignment between goals, communication, and employee work
  • Increased productivity, morale, and retention due to enhanced employee motivation and commitment