Lead with Less Frustration and Greater Confidence by Becoming More of Your Unique Self

  • Are you ready to show up and lead without apology, embrace your challenges, and use your unique combination of experience and talent?
  • Are you ready to maximize your energy and decrease stress with greater focus and better boundaries?
  • Are you ready to become a respected leader who has the most positive influence possible with your team and colleagues? 

I’ve learned a lot about myself and about getting the best out of others, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

For various reasons, a leader will hire me directly without involving their company. I work corporate leaders who want to have more positive impact within their organizations by creating more psychological safety with their teams and colleagues. Psychological safety has been shown to be the #1 factor in creating high-performing teams and organizations and leaders to greater innovation, creativity, and learning.

Becoming a better leader is on on-going  process.  Sometimes it’s hard to know how and what to improve about yourself and your way of operating that will have the most positive impact without trying to be someone you’re not. I’d love to work with you on that. You don’t need to do it alone.

Borrow my experience to get where you want to be faster
and with fewer “hard knocks”.


confident, assertive woman, leader
Gain the confidence to lead:
show up,
speak up, and
stand up for what’s important to you and for your company.
And do it in a way that encourages your team and colleagues to do the same.


Why Should You Work With Me?

I’m a Fellow Traveler on The Path of Self-Awareness and Self-Development

Beth Strathman, coach

I’ve been there and continue to become more of myself.  I know the frustrations of figuring out how to lead others most effectively!  I’ve made mistakes using my personal and positional power. But I learned a lot about myself and continue to clear away my not-so-useful thoughts and behavior patterns. I know the courage it takes to admit to your foibles and to try new things that are unfamiliar or even scary.

I Bring an Open Mind and a Fresh Pair of Eyes to Your Experience

I offer a new perspective to your dilemma and experiences, allowing you to widen the lens through which you see yourself. I use all forms of knowing to apply to situations: logic and analysis, intuition, gut feelings, and whatever wisdom I’ve gathered so far. Together, we will examine the right questions, so you gain new perspectives and find your own answers.

I’m a Straight-Shooter

I will be honest with you – whether I think you’re dodging something or being too hard on yourself. I like to think of myself as being “compassionately candid”.

I Have a Great Sense of Humor

If together you and I don’t laugh at the absurdities of some of the situations you face, we’re not doing it right. I take things seriously but that doesn’t keep me from pointing out the humor in a situation.

You’ll Get Adaptable, Proprietary Tools to Support You

I’m a practical person. Theory is great, but if it doesn’t work in practice, what good is it? Not only will I listen and guide, I also have tools you can use. Your reflection with my coaching process and tools will get you from theory to practice, so things make sense and can be applied in your daily work.

I Have Relevant Training & Experience

I have over 2 decades working as a Human Resources leader inside organizations — large and small —  and now as a leadership coach. I’ve worked with all levels of leaders on most of the dynamics you’ll face at work. Plus, I’m a trained and certified coach – I don’t just call myself one. I’m also a certified Psychological Safety practitioner.


strategy, planBased on the specific plan we design together, you get:

  • An outside, objective guide, coach, and mentor to take the worry off your shoulders regarding possible ways to approach the issues we identified
  • An accountability partner to hold you to your commitments
  • Relevant assessments to provide insight into your leadership style
  • Focused and productive time to unravel and address the dynamics you’re concerned about
  • Practical action plans for implementing your insights
  • New ideas and techniques to experiment with
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for new techniques to try out
  • Confidential role-playing to practice skills and techniques before you apply them
  • Time to reflect on what works and what doesn’t
  • Lots of laughs to lighten the mood when necessary (and isn’t it usually necessary?)


After we start working together, you will notice:

  • Less frustration and greater peace of mind because things are in hand
  • More confidence
  • Greater leadership presence
  • Progress toward the goals and objectives you’ve identified as important
  • Better working relationships
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased productivity, morale, and retention due to enhanced employee motivation and commitment
Are you ready to find out more? Let’s chat.Beth Strathman  Click here to schedule a free Discovery/Strategy Session today!