frustrated women in leadership

Are you ready to show up and lead without apology, embrace your

challenges, and use your unique combination of

experience and talent?

Are you ready to maximize your productivity and decrease stress with

greater focus and better boundaries?

Are you ready to earn the respect of your colleagues 

and have the most positive influence possible

with your team and colleagues?


Are you frustrated or confused about how you’re supposed to show up at work?  Maybe you feel criticized for being . . .

  • Too confident . . . then told you’re not confident enough?
  • Too “aggressive” . . . then told you didn’t assert yourself enough?
  • Too “nice” then told you aren’t approachable?

It seems that if you express your unique feminine qualities, they are discounted or undervalued. And as a woman, if you express too many masculine qualities, you can be judged and even criticized because your behavior doesn’t match your outward appearance.


You feel like you can’t win.


Even today, there are differing cultural expectations for females and males. Additionally, research shows that there are biological differences that influence how most women and most  men interpret, interact with, and process the world around them.

“Personal experience and empirical research suggest that it’s not enough for women to be merely as gregarious, easygoing, sociable, and helpful as men. To get credit for being warm — and to have their other strengths recognized — they might need to be even more so.” –Margarita Mayo


What would happen for you if you could show up, speak up, and stand up

confidently and authentically

as a respected leader in your company ?


Beth Strathman

Let’s work together to take you from

frustrated & unsure


confident & purposeful.

It’s time to become confident and centered,

no matter what’s going on around you.


Let’s talk!


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