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Confused about how to lead in a way that is “you”?

Has it been confusing to determine who you’re supposed to be at work? It can be discouraging when the culture of your workplace does not naturally reinforce your unique combination of traits and values. You might feel misunderstood or that your strengths and talents are wasted or untapped, resulting in a range of emotions, including frustration and self-doubt.

The confusion can make you feel like an “impostor”.

For example, depending on your company or industry, you may have been told that you are:

  • too “aggressive”, then not assertive enough
  • too confident, then not confident enough
  • not “warm” enough, then too concerned with being liked
  • etc.

Yet, male colleagues get promoted and praised for displaying the same qualities

for which you are criticized!

You can start to believe there’s something wrong with you

Or you think you need to pretend to be someone you’re not!

You may not be able to change your company or industry culture overnight. But you can stop feeling like an impostor and become more confident and clear about what you bring to the table and how you want to “show up” each day and decide for yourself which modifications you want to make for greater leadership presence.

This 6-part group coaching experience is for you if you are a woman in middle management who wants to explore your identity and unpack your current mindset to see how you might be holding yourself back. With renewed awareness about who you are becoming, you can explore ways to support yourself, especially when you’re not getting reinforcement from others around you.

Series format:
  • Title: Becoming Yourself Without Feeling Like an Impostor
  • Group Size: 4 to 5 women in middle management positions
  • Meets live via Zoom
  • Group Sessions: 1 online  intro. “get-to-know-you” session to meet your cohort plus 6 live, weekly online group coaching sessions
  • Individual Coaching:  2 virtual, individual coaching sessions with Beth (up to 45 minutes each) to support deeper personal reflection and individual action planning. You get to schedule these sessions at your discretion over the course of the program.
Module Themes:

Module 1 – Discovering Your Core Values – Discover, define, and speak up for the important ideals that guide your decisions and actions.

Module 2 – Honoring Your Strengths  – Recognize your go-to abilities, how they help/hinder you, and implications for your leadership.

Module 3 – Power, Competence & Worth: Putting Your Inner Critic in its Place – Recognize and transform your “inner critic” and “inner committee” members into more supportive allies.

Module 4 – Power, Competence & Worth: Re-Framing Limiting Beliefs – Challenge your limiting beliefs and change them into more supportive self-talk.

Module 5 – Integrating Wisdom from Your Challenges – Explore and decode unwanted repeating patterns to uncover and integrate the wisdom buried within.

Module 6 – Becoming Confident with Your Own Genius – Embrace your talents and limitations to imagine and shape the future of your leadership without feeling like an impostor.

What You Get:
  • Topical modules for your continued development, designed to explore and solidify your style of leadership.
  • An experienced, certified coach to encourage, support, and hold you accountable in a confidential setting.
  • Collegiality, peer support, and different perspectives from other participants in your cohort.
  • A downloadable workbook that includes materials and exercises for each module, to encourage reflection and to guide your development.
  • Increased validation and clarity about who you are now and who you are becoming.
  • Decreased feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, incompetence, or worthlessness by understanding your gifts and challenges and by creating more supportive self-talk and beliefs.
  • Increased confidence and more awareness and control over how you show up at work.