Beth Strathman

I’ve Have a Passion for Developing Myself and Others

When teaching elementary school, I worked with a building of mostly women — strong, amazing women who got along and got things done. It wasn’t until after law school, when I entered the corporate world in Salt Lake City, Utah (that’s another story) that I realized my drive and directness was now a liability.

I tended to work for organizations with the challenge of bolstering their anemic HR functions. I was usually one of very few women in management and worked for men who tended to have a “traditional” view of what women were supposed to be and do — submissive to authority, paperwork pushers and party planners, don’t speak up, and don’t have an opinion.

While the men could call each other out on their stuff, I couldn’t. Many times, as the head of HR, I was not included in decisions related to talent and workforce strategy. With one company, I was the only woman in management and was not allowed to ride in the same car to other sites alone with another man for fear of  . . .  well, who knows what.

misunderstood; confrontation

So, in spite of the fact that I was smart, fun to work with, professional, hard-working, and did my job really well, I wasn’t on the “inside”. And, I admit,  I didn’t always respond very skillfully in these situations. At the time, I simply chalked up my experience to working with inept leaders.

Well, I may not have always reported to solid leaders, but I had to admit my part in the experiences I had and learn how to adapt to whatever circumstances I found myself in. I wanted to figure out how to use whatever influence I had to get things done no matter the situation.

Upon reflection and over time, I had learned a lot and wanted to share what I’d learned with women like me, who were competent but who hadn’t settled on their own balance of the masculine focus on the work with feminine focus on people and relationships.

Now, I work with women who aspire to or are already in leadership in medium-sized companies who want to have more positive impact within their organizations.


certified coachnarrative coach certification

My Mission is to:

Work with women in leadership through one-on-one and small group coaching, mastermind groups, and group training to create greater personal fulfillment and demonstrated career success so they:
Explore and embrace their unique identities, gifts, and challenges
Align and reconcile their personal mission, values & goals with those of their organization
Focus their daily work to fulfill personal and organizational priorities for maximum results with less effort, and
Maximize the impact with their teams.

My Values


I say what I mean; mean what I say; and do what I say I will do. I own up to mistakes and correct them.


I do things that scare me as part of my on-going development.


I’m a huge Bugs Bunny fan. I will use humor to connect with and to challenge you. I am serious about serving you well, but I don’t take myself too seriously. When we work together, I might poke fun at a situation to break down barriers and allow you to see a new”truth”  about the situation.


What do you envision when you imagine who you want to be
as you lead your team?

I’m able to see into your stories, get to the crux of the matter, and guide you through tools, exercises and experiments to give you what you need to navigate any challenging corporate culture without selling your soul. In short, you can be authentically “you” AND be accepted by your colleagues.


Not sure what to do first?

We should talk. I value having integrity. I will be up front with you about whether or not I’m the right coach for you. (And I expect you to be up front with me, too.) I know many other coaches and occasionally refer prospective clients to other coaches who can better meet their needs.

I’ve worked in a variety of organizations with a variety of women at all levels of leadership. I will work with you to find the right combination of strategies and techniques for you to use that will serve you better.


You’ll gain the confidence to:
show up,
speak up, and
stand for what’s important to you.


Why Should You Work With Me?

I’m a Fellow Traveler on This Trek of Self-Awareness and Development

Beth Strathman, coach

I’ve been there and continue to become more of myself.  I know the isolation and frustrations of being one of few women — and an assertive one at that!  And I didn’t always handle it well, either. I’ve also made mistakes using my personal and positional power. But I learned a lot about myself and continue to clear away my not-so-useful thoughts and behavior patterns. I know the courage it takes to admit to your foibles and to try new things that are unfamiliar or even scary.

So borrow my experience instead of wasting any more time struggling to figure it out on your own.

I Bring an Open Mind and a Fresh Pair of Eyes to Your Experience

I offer a new perspective to your dilemma and experiences, allowing you to widen the lens through which you see yourself. I use all forms of knowing to apply to situations: logic and analysis, intuition, gut feelings, and whatever wisdom I’ve gathered so far. Together, we will examine the right questions, so you gain new perspectives and find your own answers.

I’m a Straight-Shooter

I will be honest with you – whether I think you’re dodging something or being too hard on yourself. I like to think of myself as being “compassionately candid”.

I Have a Great Sense of Humor

If together, you and I don’t laugh at the absurdities of some of the situations you face, we’re not doing it right. I take things seriously but that doesn’t keep me from pointing out the humor in a situation.

You’ll Get Adaptable, Proprietary Tools to Support You

I’m a practical kind o’ gal. Theory is great, but if it doesn’t work in practice, what good is it? Not only will I listen and guide, I also have tools you can use. Your reflection and my processes and tools will get you from theory to practice, so things make sense and can be used in your daily work.

I Have Relevant Training & Experience

I have over 2 decades working as a Human Resources leader inside organizations, large and small and as a leadership coach. I’ve worked with all levels of leaders on most of the dynamics you face at work. Plus, I’m a trained and certified coach – I don’t just call myself one.

You don’t need to do it alone.
Borrow my experience to get where you want to be

faster and with fewer “hard knocks”.
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