team; working in groups; leading groups

Feel like you need to stay neutral during a strategic planning retreat or other complex discussion with your senior team? Not sure which bases to cover during a session on a topic like Succession Planning? Worried that a particular topic is too hot to handle yourselves?

There are times when you should be able to sit back and observe your team’s thought process or be another participant in the discussion. That’s when having an objective facilitator can provide frameworks for discussions, use activities to open up people’s thinking for new ideas, unearth assumptions and implications for decisions, and keep emotions useful and manageable.

I will facilitate your senior team through 1/2-day, day-long, or multi-day discussions on topics with important and broad implications for your company, such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal Execution
  • Succession Planning

or other important topics that are critical for your team to explore fully.