Coach Beth Strathman

I’ve been an upstart my whole life (ask my parents). If you consider my chosen career paths as a teacher, HR director and now executive coach, you could say I have an undeniable desire to challenge others to become better.

Beth Strathman
Once a Firebrand, Always a Firebrand

It might sound crazy, but the same group dynamics I saw in my classroom of elementary students were the same issues I experienced with my law school classmates and in the companies where I served as an HR Director. Now, I love to work with business owners and corporate leader to keep them on the front end of potential people problems.

I have always cultivated talent in others. I value new perspectives. I provoke others to take a stand for themselves and their own personal development. I’m the person who asks the hard questions. Lucky for you, I do it with a sense of humor!

Yes, I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of workplace dynamics that were . . . shall we say . . . wacky.

Drawing on my past experience with students and employees, I’m able to demystify those wacky dynamics. As a teacher, I understand how to approach learning opportunities, giving me an edge when helping you think through issues. Law school honed my capacity to spot issues quickly, pinpointing underlying assumptions and implications. And almost two decades of experience in human resources in various industries (from construction workers to office staff to executives) has given me insight into a wide variety of workplace interactions.

Leadership can feel lonely and uncertain at times.

The everyday demands on your time can leave you feeling unproductive and overwhelmed. You may lose sight of your original vision. But I believe you can leverage your unique strengths to overcome any business challenge. Starting with self-reflection that leads to real inquiry, I guide you through the process of examining root causes, unearthing solutions and setting a clear way forward.

It’s not always easy, but the ability to appreciate and apply your talents allows you to think purposefully about what you want for your business, work with a team more efficiently, and communicate effectively with individuals and groups. Many clients say I bring a sense of stability and help them feel grounded as we work together.

You’ll get open, honest give-and-take from me.

I’m not just a consultant or coach; I’m your thinking and accountability partner. I’m candid and straightforward, and I’m after conscientious give-and-take with you. Together, we will examine the right questions, so you gain new perspectives and find your own answers. I believe any leader has the potential for outstanding leadership if they are willing and courageous enough to shake up their leadership as usual.

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You will get a new perspective, a new appreciation for your own abilities, the satisfaction of knowing you tackled a complex problem, and the confidence to move forward.

You don’t need to do it alone.

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